Business Articles

Below are some of the business articles that I have written as a part of my coursework at Minnesota State University- MBA.

About Me

QA Manager & Professional QA with 12 years of experience

Top Skills

  • API Testing 96%
  • QA and Release Management 99%
  • Database and Cassandra 87%
  • Selenium & Java 85%
  • Continous Integration and Delivery 88%
  • Jmeter - Load Testing 88%
  • MBA- IT Management 80%
  • MBA- Finance & Accounting 80%
  • MBA- International Business 80%


QA /Automation Manager with 11 years of full system development lifecycle experience in Waterfall and Agile, including continuous integration and delivery background (Dev-Ops), API testing, Load/Performance Testing, Release Management, Manual and Automated Testing, Database RDMS and NoSQL Databases (Cassandra), ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana), Mobile App Testing (Appium), Test Plans, QA Closure Documents

Currently Leading and managing a team of 6 automation testers for an ecommerce Fraud Application and a team of 2 SDETs for Payment Services and Split tender microservices

MBA Student at Minnesota State University (2020-2021)

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My Clients

I have had the pleasure of working, leading and managing QA teams for multiple clients over the years.

My Career In A Nutshell

Below are some of the highlights of my work.

QA Automation

11 plus years of experience with API and UI automation

  • Continuous Integration of automation scripts with build tools
  • Rest Assured and Java framework architecture
  • Converted 500+ scripts from TestNG to Junit
  • Working on Jenkins and Sauce labs for conitnuous delivery

Mobile App Automation

5 plus years of experience with mobile app automation with Appium.

  • Mobile App Automation and Manual Verification using Appium
  • Working with build tool such as Maven, ANT or Gradle
  • Managing Test and Production Environment for Digital River.
  • Experience with Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development

Data Analytics

3 plus years of experience with Data Analytics

  • Virtualizing Webservices with ITKO Lisa
  • Working with ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana).
  • Creating interactive Dashboards for QA Leadership
  • Working on migrating and testing all Web services in legacy JBOSS to Spring Boot.

QA Management

3 plus years of experience as a QA Manager

  • Currently Managing and Leading 2 QA automation teams
  • Set up QA process for test and defect management
  • Managing Test and Production Environment for multiple clients
  • Assisting Leadership and HR teams with interview process